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Singer Group net profit down 43%

Asoka Pieris
Asoka Pieris

Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC announced its Group results for the year ended December 31, 2017, last week.

The results showed an increase in Group revenue of 9.8% compared to the previous year, with Group Revenue of over Rs. 51.5 billion in spite of tough business conditions.

The continuous drought in the dry zone resulted in a sharp drop in the harvest, eroding the purchasing power of a large segment dependent on agriculture.

Customer purchasing power was further affected by increased Value Added Tax (VAT), higher interest rates compounded by floods in the wet zone. The Consumer Durables industry, is normally affected much more than other sectors when consumer incomes decline.

The entire industry was not in a position to pass on the increase in VAT and other costs to customers. As a result of this and the product mix gross margin reduced in 2017. The group was able to successfully lower selling and administration expenses. While the previous year recorded one-time gain of Rs. 563 million there was no one-time gain in 2017.

Net Finance Cost for 2017 increased 32% to Rs. 1,950 million largely due to increase in interest rates and borrowings. The lower margins and high interest rates impacted the group’s profitability.

Group net profit was Rs. 1,008 million, a reduction of 43% compared to the previous year excluding the one-time gain during 2016.

While anticipating improvement in business conditions during 2018, the Company has launched strategies to improve revenue and margins and lower costs. Noteworthy key business initiatives are: To grow e-commerce business and to supplement the retail business

To grow the furniture business exponentially with a wider range available in a larger range of showrooms

To accelerate the renovation and expansion of existing shops to increase the retail space to cater to additional products and brands, specifically furniture Asoka Pieris, Group CEO said “The change of ownership has been extremely positive. Singer continues to pursue its strategies to maintain market leadership in consumer durables. We believe that with additional ideas, plans and resources generated by the new owners and synergies with Hayleys PLC, a bright future augurs for the Singer Group.”

Mohan Pandithage, Group Chairman said “Hayleys Group as the major shareholder is confident that Singer’s position as the leader in consumer durables will further strengthened as Hayleys and Singer have an excellent strategic fit with potential for significant growth prospects.”