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Cultural dances for global interest global interest

The traditional cultural heritage of Sri Lanka in Dance and Art is unique and kudos go out to all those involved in launching with the blessings of the Sri Lankan government the Sri Dharanee Performing Arts Theatre which will go down in our history as a distinctive venue to enjoy the cultural dances of our country especially to the many tourists who visit Sri Lanka and also to those who adore our cultural dancing. Situated at Waters Edge, Sri Jayawardenepura in an absolutely picturesque setting, the guests that evening were treated to an exciting and classic experience.

The program for the evening was filled with dances from the Kandyan Kingdom – Udarata Natun, from the Low Country – the Pahata Rata Natum, from the Sabaragamu region, and also many folk dances which saw detailed portrayal of ploughing and harvesting, fisherman at work and the added and attractive peacock dance.

The Dance Academy under the direction of Rajini Selvanayagam left no stone unturned in their presentation. Apart from the dance movements which were exact and in keeping with traditional themes, the costumes were colourful and the dancers have to be applauded for putting across the emotion and action required with skill and dexterity. It was a happy experience.

The music provided by the drum beats of the Geta Berapa, the Yak Bera and the pre recorded tracks for the chanting, the many folk dances, the ploughing, harvesting and especially the sound of the sea for the sequence of the fisherman at work echoed with reality.

Folk dances in Sri Lanka, they say, originate from day to day life activities of rural folk for whom agricultural aspects and religious observations form a major part of their lives. And this was portrayed with a lot verve and vitality that was a joy to watch.

All in all it was an evening of Sri Lankan cultural entertainment that was not only directed at our foreign visitors but also to Sri Lankan cultural addicts. Green Leaves Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd has to be congratulated for launching the Performing Theatre which is vital to Sri Lanka to compete with the other countries of South East Asia.

Pix Shan Rambukwella