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GAJAMAN on big screen

‘Gajaman’ has been a household name, especially in the seventies, as a famous and influential cartoon character brought to life by Camillus Perera, which had an immense impact on society through its expressive mode as a newspaper cartoon. Decades after its magnetic presence in society, Gajaman is now brought closer to the hearts of his fans using the unique ‘Motion Capture’ technology.

It will set an important milestone in Sri Lankan cinema history as the first ever three dimensional (3D) animation movie in the country, using motion capture technology.

In the big screen, Gajaman is accompanied by an array of Perera’s most vibrant cartoon characters of that time, such as, Magodis Thuma, creating a story of political and social comedy coupled with a story of romance, addressing the various needs of the audience. The movie trailer was released last week. The animated movie is directed by Chanaka Perera, a professional 3D animator involved in the Information Technology and Advertising industries.

The underlying concept of ‘Motion Capture’ is to direct the movements of the animated characters by capturing movements of real actors, through various modes of sensory equipment and software, giving them the most unique and realistic actions on screen.

The cast for ‘Motion Capture’ are, Dasun Pathirana, Chamara Priyadarshana, Kasuni, Pradeep, Tiran and Sharada. The voice over for Gajaman’s two lead roles are voiced by ‘Chooty Malli’ and ‘Podi Malli’ played by Suneth Chitrananda and Gaminda Priyaviraj who also wrote the exciting script and storyline for the movie.

Rashi Prabodha, Yureni Noshika and Sunil Perera also star as key characters in the movie.

The movie is produced by ‘Studio 101’ and has an estimated budget of over Rs. 75 million since its production started in 2010, to begin the next era of Sri Lankan cinema.