Cemex HRM launches AI chatbot | Sunday Observer

Cemex HRM launches AI chatbot

Cemex HRM launched its latest AI powered chatbot, AiDA at the SLASSCOM People Summit 2018 recently. CEMEX HRM was the bronze sponsor of the event.

AiDA, a personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) HR assistant is all about the future of workplace and empowering and engaging the workforce. The chatbot will help employees and team leaders in managing routine HR queries, processing requests, granting approvals and much more.

This enables the HR team to have time to do more of the human side of HR such as strategise, plan, recruit and manage talent. With AiDA, getting information from HR is as simple as having a conversation.

Director of CEMEX HRM, Farhard Hussain said, “The launch of AiDA places us in a stronger position to offer best-in-class HRM solutions and specialised services to all our customers.”