MIT Cargo extends reassurance to Giribawa inhabitants | Sunday Observer

MIT Cargo extends reassurance to Giribawa inhabitants

‘Touching the lives of people through care and concern towards the wellbeing of the society at large’ is the pledge that has been made by MIT Cargo as the company’s foremost vision as a socially responsible corporate entity.

Giribawa, a little village in the outskirts of Kurunegala district was selected by MIT Cargo for their CSR Projects in 2009. Since then the town of Giribawa has felt the kindness, acts of generosity and friendship of MIT.

CSR initiatives are annually projected towards meeting the needs of facilities in schools and families that require extra support. A few completed past projects include a special unit to improve the English language, a laboratory facility, a training center for differently-abled children, computer units, stationery items and shoes for students. This year the team has accumulated funds to complete 2 houses which had come to a construction standstill due to financial limitations.

The team is not only being socially responsible towards these people but also aspires to give back to the surrounding area – Mother Nature. The ‘Go Green Team’ that drives this project believes in saving every little green entity around us.

This project too is driven with passion to preserve and replenish the environment that is sadly being polluted due to industrial activities. A tree distribution at nursery schools is conducted annually in Giribawa. This year too, the team distributed 525 fruit plants.

The number of plants to be distributed is derived by considering the number of containers, volume (kgs) movement and thereby determining the level of pollution that is caused to the environment. A total of 1,650 fruit plants have been distributed over the years.

MIT is proud of the longstanding friendship that was built with the people of Giribawa and the young generation of MIT is encouraged to become more involved and in turn, blend with nature and humanity alike.

It would be appropriate to say that the most beautiful feeling is to give since “Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.” – Bryant McGill