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Its wake up time

How the hullabaloo last week ah? Siripala was sipping coffee enjoying the dilemma. “ Is it Peter or Paul who rules us?” was the question, and the answer seemed to be “ it should be Tom” instead.

Only in Paradise isle that we could have such confusion no. Peter and Paul have mucked up in style, there can be no doubt. What Amendments and Right to Information and Press Freedoms and Ministerial resignations and Freedom of the Judiciary for Siripalas like me, men?

Give me the coconut for 25 rupees, and the pohora and keep your hands off the Banks - is all Siripala really asked for. But, Aneyda kiyanne, Peter and Paul were doing things that Siripala didn’t need, no. At least, Siripala doesn’t think he needs - but something tells Siripala that his children will thank him if he at least shows some concern about needing them. Boruwata wagey hari!!

But we’ve come a full round no. We know for sure it aint gonna be Tom, but Peter and Paul better buckle up, for Tom’s brother won’t be as docile as Tom appears to be. Ha.

Right to Information, really!!

Aneyda kiyanne. Remember all that brouhaha about the Right to Information and this and that. What Right to Information, men. Siripala had a look at the website and tried making a call. He wanted to know, what really these Rights were. Well yeah, he also wanted to put a small chat and see if the phone line was working.

So what does he do? He goes to their website and haiyo, even by the standards of paradise isle the website looked like a government site made 50 years ago.

Anyway, Siripala looked past that. Can’t be too picky no. He scrolled down to check the number to give these people a call. Haiyo haiyo, he tried and he tried, and he huffed and he puffed and the phone was engaged the entire day.

Can you believe, after all this, there was only one number listed and that was the only way you could get through to our Rights boys and the bloody thing wasn’t working.

Siripala only could think, that like everything in Paradise isle - halfway work seems to be the name of the game - and Siripala must be impressed with these halfway work too. Haiyo haiyo

The Courts of no Appeal

So Siripala was excited ah. What men to be in court and see these Lords and Ladies, the only place you can find them except for say..... some African country with a colonial hangover.

So Lords and Ladies there were, except with a small glitch. One of the Lords or Ladies hadn’t been appointed and so, all the cases which were to be heard before these Lords and Ladies were not being heard. Why? because apparently there should be at least two of these fellows to hear the case.

So in one court room all the cases were not heard and will not be heard until a new Lord or Lady is appointed and that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. And so, all the cases to be heard will be postponed, up and until this new being is told to be a Lord or Lady.

Imagine that ah, Siripala has been visiting this court house for 20 years on this same case and the bloody thing finally comes up to be heard and it’s postponed like a clerk says “ no can’t do today men” for another three months.

But that’s how justice works in this country, no. A life is pawned on a “date” and the lawyers live on these “dates”- just like our people from Saudi Land. “ Give me dates” seems to be the real cry.

Lassie boy - finally

It’s taken years, and Siripala obviously is too much of a cynic to believe in anything called Justice. But something seems to be happening in at least one of these murders in broad daylight, no.

That DIG fellow had confessed to the Magistrate about how he was told to hide the bloody evidence , or so, these people say. Don’t know who had the power to call him and say “ Ado take the notebook out and replace it with something else ah”. Hmmm. Any guess for who could’ve done that?

No prize money and all for any guesses though ah. Siripala knows what a hard guess that can be and all that - and is willing to bet a million rupees that no one will know who could’ve made that call- but can’t no men. How can anything close to that be put on the table when Siripala doesn’t know if he’s coming or going with the coconut price so high?