Ratmalana Airport poised for major take off | Sunday Observer

Ratmalana Airport poised for major take off

A master plan for Sri Lanka’s Colombo Airport Ratmalana developed and approved by Cabinet last week has envisioned the positioning of the airport as the ‘Exclusive Gateway to Colombo, Sri Lanka’ by year 2030, the Sunday Observer learns.

According to the plan which lays out a comprehensive implementation program to achieve this goal, capacities and capabilities at the airport are to be developed under five key strategic areas, namely, corporate jet operations, domestic aviation hub, regional aviation training hub, regional airport operations and Fixed Base Operations (FBOs) and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) investments.

“The Airport has great potential to attract the niche market of corporate jet traffic and cater to the exclusive passenger profile it serves. Further, significant interest has been shown by foreign investors to establish aviation related operational bases for FBOs and MRO operations at the Airport,” Executive Director, Airport and Aviation Services Ltd (AASL), Johann Jayaratne said. According to informed sources, 136 international corporate jet movements were entertained at the airport last year showcasing its potential as the international gateway for corporate jets carrying high profile tourists, businessmen, and other high net worth individuals.

“We are particularly looking for a world class corporate jet FBO to establish itself at the Airport, thereby, adding considerable value to this niche market,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jayaratne pointed out that the Colombo Port City development will benefit greatly by the Ratmalana Airport’s advancement by facilitating corporate jets, as this will holistically blend with the domestic aviation hub located at the airport.

“The close proximity of the Airport to the Port City and access to any part of the country through the domestic aviation network are all pluses to the international businessmen visiting the Port City,” the AASL Executive Director highlighted, noting that the combination of international corporate jet operations linked to the domestic aviation network further strengthens the tourism industry.

Jayaratne outlined that in addition to the corporate jet operation, there is also a growing demand by new domestic airline operators to establish themselves at the Airport. According to him, some of these operators will be, establishing training facilities for Pilots and Aeronautical Engineers.

Colombo Airport Ratmalana is the domestic aviation hub in Sri Lanka facilitating all 15 registered domestic airlines in the country. The Airport also provides hangar facilities to 10 operators and handles approximately 70 aircraft movements per day. 


this guy does not know what he is talking about. Ratmalana Airport violates all ICAO Zoning Regulations and cannot be used for commercial operations. He should know that if he is in the AASL.