Don't forget to care | Sunday Observer

Don't forget to care

Other people purposely don't hurt
because you dislike them, don't treat them like dirt
For they too have feelings just like us all
whatever age, big or small.
Don't make them feel unwanted
Don't take them all for granted
Teachers, friends or family
to all like a friend you must be.
Don't try to know someone by glance
Go ahead and speak, give them a chance
Don't laugh at the tiniest mistake they make
at one grammatical mistake, your head don't shake.
No one is perfect, not even you
Don't expect everyone to be that too
Every human will have their ups and downs
Even though you consider them dominators or clowns!
When kids in school are noisy and make a hullaballoo
The poor teachers don't know what to do
for the old, but mostly for the young
Relief arises once the bell has rung!.

Aanya Ganemulla,
Grade 9,
Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya.