Protect Sri Lanka from yonder clouds of extinction | Sunday Observer

Protect Sri Lanka from yonder clouds of extinction

A pearl so exotic
Emerged from the ocean Indian
As if a heavy-gale from heaven
Pushed across the mid-ocean
A nature given resource it's magnificent location
A harbour so unique, fabulous and salient
From elevation to elevation a salubrious climate embracing
Blessed with splendid and amazing deeds of nature
So enhancing, dazzling and fascinating
Montane ranges symmetrically ascending
Water falls rhythmically chanting
Brooks cascading and cataracts sounding
A dip in the blue-waters that girdle the isle much refreshing
The warmth of the rays of the Sun incessantly pouring vibrantly
Wild-parks, rain forests, Seven Virgins, the shy Dunhinda-bride captivating
Central hill slopes tea plantations enriching
Archaeological preservation bear testimony to our culture and tradition
And grandeur and glory of a rich heritage sparkling
Ancient ruins excavated by the Cultural Triangle
The fragrance of our golden days emitting
Tourists from frosty climes are carried-away
By the majestic splendour, grandeur and glory of ancient Sri Lanka
If authentic measures aren't taken to combat environmental degradation
No power on earth can stop the extinction
Of the majestic attire and flavour of our eco-system.

Dharma Kaviraj