Over 96 LG bodies have ‘overhang seats’ | Sunday Observer

Over 96 LG bodies have ‘overhang seats’

A total of 97 Local Government (LG) bodies out of the 340 have overhang seats, according to the latest data released by the election monitors yesterday.

PAFFREL Executive Director Rohana Hettiarachchi said, the 97 councils are spread out in 24 districts leaving out the three local authorities in Kilinochchi.

With the overhang seats, the number of members appointed will increased by 364. Under the new electoral system the number of councillors had escalated to 8356 from 4486.

And the increase due to the overhang seats will be an extra burden on the councils and the tax payer who will have to sustain them, political observers said.

According to the released data, Kurunegala district has the highest number of overhang seats with 38 seats, followed by Anuradhapura 30, Gampaha 29 and Colombo 28. Puttlam district with only three, had gained the lowest number of overhang seats.