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Spa Ceylon opens in Colombo’s Old Fort

Spa Ceylon, the luxury ayurveda chain, has unveiled another luxurious experience centre in the heart of Colombo’s historic Old Fort with the opening of their Royal Heritage Store and Urban Spa at Chatham Street. Situated in a full-restored almost 200-year-old British colonial building, this 66th Spa Ceylon international location is a 6,000 square foot facility laid out in Spa Ceylon’s signature royal Ceylonese style.

The epitome of luxury retail, the colonial architecture is combined with elegant Parisian style store windows, inviting guests into the regally laid out store for a journey into exotic Ceylon.

On entrance, they are serenaded by soothing Ceylonese melodies, as rich island aromas waft through the air. Once inside, guests are enthralled by the grandeur of the majestic ceilings, pillars and walls adorned with the floral palace art indigenous to the island.

They are invited to indulge in Spa Ceylon’s finest herbal brews as they browse through the vast range of artistically packaged aromatic merchandise.

This grand Spa Ceylon offers a multisensory, multidimensional brand experience through its gourmet Ceylon tea collection, the Ceylon Elephant Co. carousel, a wellness wall of island balms, a palace art gift gallery, the Eau de Ceylon aroma bar, the luxury soap buffet, a wellness bath and body wall, a home aroma selection; as well as the luxuriously laid out Spa.

Thisspa features 2 luxury couples’ suites, 6 treatment rooms, an 8 seater foot spa,a 4 seater nail spa and their new 4 seater hair spa experience offering specialised hair and scalp treatments, blow-dry and make-up services. Designed to accommodate up to 25 guests simultaneously.

The location has the capacity to cater to large groups of international travellers with facilities to offer spa services for up to 200 guests per day.

Continuing their rapid international expansion, the chain has just opened its second store at Kuala Lumpur International Airport II in Malaysia.

The first quarter of 2018 will see Spa Ceylon adding 8 more locations including spas and boutiques in Saigon, Vietnam;Downtown Nicosia in Cypress; Downtown Maléand MaléInternational Airport; Lewis Place in Negombo; Taj Gateway near Colombo Airport; Colombo City Centre; and another opening within the historic Galle Fort;growing the Spa Ceylon presence to more than 75 branded locations internationally.

With their products now approved for sale in the European Union, the brand is planning European roll-out in Italy and Eastern Europe this year, while further expanding their Asian footprint with new market openings in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and in other Asian existing markets, to reach their targeted 100 worldwide Spa Ceylon locations in 2018.

‘Spa Ceylon’ has a global presence of branded stores and spas situated in Ginza Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan; Melbourne, Australia; Singapore; Seoul and Ulsan in Korea;Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Istanbul, Turkey; Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad in India; Karachi, Pakistan and across Sri Lanka. Spa Ceylon also operates in Kiev Ukraine, Nicosia Cypress, the Maldives and most recently in the United States of America.