Union Assurance partners with Seylan Bank | Sunday Observer

Union Assurance partners with Seylan Bank

Union Assurance recently partnered with Seylan Bank to strategically strengthen its Bancassurance channel and to provide life insurance facilities to the extensive customer network linked with the Bank.

This partnership is a mutually beneficial agreement that allows the bank to have one stop shop facility for its customers, while allowing the insurance giant to tap in to a wider customer base with a diverse range of insurance needs.This service would further provide an all-inclusive package of services for banking and life insurance solutions under one roof.

Chief Executive Officer of Seylan Bank, Kapila Ariyaratne said, “We are extremely glad that we could initiate a partnership with Union Assurance, which is one of the leading life insurance providers here in Sri Lanka. I hope that this landmark corporate relationship will be a key driver to achieve the business-related objectives and to expand its services aligned to both the parties.”

Chief Executive Officer of Union Assurance, Dirk Pereira said, “This partnership will help us to have a strong corporate relationship with the Bank and will also assist us to reach out to a diversified customer base to give the best of Insurance solutions and develop new relationships in untapped markets.”