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Sri Lankans celebrate Independence Day in Victoria

Sri Lankans have made many parts of the world their home. But, they never forget their homeland when it comes to their national rights and traditional festivities.

Hence, Sri Lankans the world over celebrated the 70th Independence Anniversary recently. Among them Australia stands prominent, as both countries were under the imperial masters at one time, struggling for independence.

However, it must be stated that Independence Day celebrations have become a major concern among Sri Lankans domiciled in Australia. It was the most anticipated event of great enthusiasm, mixed with patriotism.

For those looking forward to commemorating this national event is a significant day in their annual calendar.

The freedom loving patriotic people gathered in their thousands in the different states, determined to commemorate the day their Motherland was freed from foreign bondage. The response of all Sri Lankans in the region was fabulous, recalling fond memories.

The true meaning of Independence was well reflected in the vast range of activities performed by Sri Lankans with great devotion. The program presented was full of rich culture depicting the glorious history the then Ceylon had enjoyed in the wake of Independence.

Those who excelled in their respective aesthetic fields in music and drama were privileged to participate in presenting drama centred on history and culture. You were reminded of the sweet melodies of home rousing national pride.

It also featured activities and entertainment for both, the young and the old to feel proud of their ancient heritage. The magnificent Sri Lankan dancing items (oriental and Kandyan) of historic significance proudly presented by the young domiciled here was the biggest attraction that made the event special.

Magulbera which preceded the arrival of guests, the traditional lighting of the decorated oil lamp and the conventional decor as a tribute to Sri Lankan heritage made you feel at home.

Still another memorable experience which concluded the proceedings was the National Anthem of Sri Lanka, “Namo Namo Matha” sung by every Sri Lankan in the crowd.

It was a splendid performance as a mark of respect to dear motherland. Above all, it conveyed a deep message to the younger generation of Lankan students born and bred here, about the historic value of their parents’ homeland.

Though born here surely they accompany their parents when visiting Sri Lanka. Wherever they are, those who witnessed this grand occasion are sure to respect, revere and salute their motherland.

Another important feature was the recognition of students for their brilliant performance in various fields. They were well rewarded for their perseverance and talents, by the distinguished personalities who graced the occasion.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria acclaimed many of their achievements. Expressing his admirable regard, he emphasized how Sri Lankans could co-exist harmoniously with mutual benefit and be of assistance to one another.

The commitment of the patriotic, to keep up the traditional and cultural values in a foreign country should be appreciated.

Rupa Banduwardena