Drinking water for low-income families | Sunday Observer

Drinking water for low-income families

Drinking water and sanitation facilities for low-income families in the Matara district are to be enhanced through the assistance of the German Association for International Development.

Proposed community welfare projects have already commenced in Divisional Secretariat Divisions in the district. These divisions include the Dickwelle, Devinuwara, Matara, Weligama, Mulatiyana, Pasgoda and Pitabeddara DS Divisions. Low-income families deprived of drinking water facilities have been provided with fabricated water tanks and another 20 poor families without proper sanitation facilities have been granted financial assistance to construct water-sealed lavatories through this project. Another batch of 130 needy families are due to be provided with fabricated water tanks and financial assistance to put up water sealed latrines. 


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