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Does social media affect Relationships?

Today we have the amazing wonders of technology in the palm of our hand.

The entire world is attached to our phones through social media that we have very little time for physical interaction.

I spoke to a few youngsters about how social media and technology can affect a relationship while on a date with their partner, chilling out with a bunch of friends or simply at a restaurant with their family.

Almost every answer I got was sad. Ev about social media and how it could affect a relationship.


“ I remember the days that I used to go out partying with my friends and danced the whole night away. We reminisce those lovely memories. But now, when we go out every one is so much apart. Even though they are sitting right next to you, much time is spent on their phones rather than socializing. I don’t blame anyone for it as I’m guilty of it too.

So even though social media brings a distance closer, it can also distance the person right next to you”.



“Social media is a great innovation. You can connect with friends old and new, you can use it as a tool to advertise, promote and grow a cause or company. But you can also miss out on those little things, like how your girlfriend is looking at you during dinner, nature around you, making conversation with your parents or friends. It’s very easy to get caught up with how many ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ you get, when really what matters is living in the moment with the people around you right now”.




“Twice in every month my friends and I meet up, so we get to talk about what we have been through and how our lives The first few instances we spend talking about ourselves and then we gradually get engrossed into social media. Soon this made us feel antisocial, so we decided that every time we meet our phones should be put away. This change made us talk more and spend more hours together”.




“If you are anything like me you’d reach for your smart phone as soon as you wake up and check your social media accounts. It’s an amazing fact that we have technology to connect with people across the globe instantly. But to make technology serve us better it requires the exercise of good judgment. In my recent experience I learned that if a friend is going through a tough time, nothing substitutes for personal communication.

A gentle smile or a heartfelt hug is far more powerful than the cleverest emoticon you could send on social media to lift another person’s spirit”.



“Social media certainly plays a big role in our lives particularly in our relationships. Nowadays people go out and forget that they are surrounded by their family and friends. Their eyes are glued to their phones and they forget everything around them. So it’s sad to see so many relationships being ruined due to this”.





“I’ve noticed that whenever people meet up with their friends, their only goal for the day is to post pictures on social media and to brag about it. They take so many pictures with the same pose thus wasting time waiting for the ‘perfect light’. These pictures for sure act as reminder of the day spent with friends but, on the other hand memories made at that moment socializing with friends are more special than taking a pictures for your social media feed. So I believe that when friends meet after a long time they should focus on catching up and not taking pictures or checking their social media accounts”.


Kenza Farook

I remember the day I once went out with my mum, aunt and cousin brother for lunch to a restaurant and noticed another mum, daughter and son sitting next to our table. All three of them were on their phones and there was pin drop silence at their end. It was very odd when my family was talking and they were so quiet. Suddenly my aunt cracked a joke about my cousin brother and we all laughed until our eyes teared and stomachs hurt, but still there was no clue of any talking from the other table because they were all busy on their phones. This incident made me realise that technology if not managed properly can even destroy relationships between family members to the extent that they don’t bother to talk to their own siblings or parents. They just get submerged into the world of technology”.


Julian (JJ)

“In my opinion it’s a stubborn fact that smart phones and social media accounts are a menace! People fail to manage technology. They spend too much time on social media and forget their responsibilities which lead to issues in their relationships. Very often I argue with my sisters because I get irritated seeing them meddling on their phones while we are at a party or a family gathering. I find it pretty insulting“.


“Whenever your partner is on the phone instead of speaking to you it feels like your presence is not appreciated. It hurts to feel you are less important than his phone. It’s like you’re being neglected or ignored”.

If social media is so powerful now, what does the future hold?

It’s shamefully not as hard as rocket-science!

It only takes discipline not to let social media ruin your relationships.

Go for a walk, read a book, go to the gym, learn a new recipe or visit a loved one, no matter what you do, just stop checking your social media accounts frequently.

Focus on things that actually matter in life your personal well being, family, friends or your romantic relationship. Don’t let social media suck you into it’s fakeness. Focus on where you are in the real world.