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Lactation related services at Ninewells Hospital

Being one of the only significant and fully-fledged lactation centers among private hospitals in Sri Lanka, Ninewells Hospital Lactation Center reached 6 months of specialized caregiving to new mothers, in February.

With a dedicated medical officer and a team of qualified midwives, the center offers free lactation related services to all mothers and babies born at the Hospital as a value added service during their breastfeeding period.

“Postnatal caregiving, especially breastfeeding, is a crucial phase for both, mother and baby.

While the mother experiences certain new and unfamiliar changes to her body after birth, she also has to familiarize herself with the needs of her baby, the baby’s nutrition, comfort and care during this initial stage,” said Dr. Samitha Chandratilleke, Advisor – Breastfeeding/Lactation Center, Ninewells Hospital.

Breastfeeding has many benefits for both, mother and baby. Breast milk is easy to digest, provides excellent nutrition, enhances immunity and contains antibodies that protect the baby against infections.

Similarly, it promotes the emotional health of the mother while providing her with several physical benefits.

“Breastfeeding is something that we highly encourage at Ninewells Hospital.

We personally attend to each new mother and baby, and coach them about nursing positions, comfort and relaxation.

We also educate them about pediatric nutrition, their own diet and other related topics during their hospital stay and continue to support them throughout the length of the breastfeeding stage.

Since mothers may sometimes experience symptoms of postnatal depression or stress following delivery we also offer counselling services through the Lactation Center for both the mother and the father to help copewith such situations”, she said.

The services of the Lactation Center are offered free of charge to mothers who have delivered at the Hospital, while consultation is also available to mothers who have delivered outside.