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Letters to the Editor

When the Japanese bombed Sri Lanka…

Being 96 years of age, I remember very clearly the day that the Japanese bombed Sri Lanka. I was at that time an assistant teacher of English in the Ragama Sinhala School.

When the Siren rang, the Sr Superior asked the children to get under the desks and not come out until they were told.

So we were under the desks for quite some time from the time of the siren. To think of this incident now is exciting but at that time it was frightening.

It is interesting to relive this memory through your article, I always read Lake House newspapers.

Placida Fernando,
Colombo 15

Use of uncultured Sinhala words

It is found that certain teledramas use Sinhala words such as ooo, Moo, Yako, Hath Ilawwa, Kalakanni etc.

which words cannot be considered as cultured language.

Then again Umba, Diyan, Waren, Palayan are terms used when addressing elders, children, domestic aides, which set a bad example. Such words are used even by those who act as Bhikkhus in teledramas.

The media authorities should step in to adopt corrective measures in the use of language.

Upali S. Jayasekera,