Urgent action on garbage disposal needed | Sunday Observer

Urgent action on garbage disposal needed

Coming up to a year since the Meethotamulla incident disposing of garbage may become another issue in the coming months if proper action is not taken, Social Specialist of the Metro Colombo Waste Management Project under the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, Nimal Premathilake told the Sunday Observer.

“The semi-aerobic landfill in Kerawalapitiya was projected to be used for only six months as a short-term solution to the Meethotamulla incident which occurred last April. Kerawalapitiya was a temporary solution until Aruwakkalu was completed. The Kerawalapitiya landfill is now almost full and there is a threat within the next two months if no other alternatives are sought for this situation,” Premathilake said.

According to Premathilake completion of the Aruwakkalu sanitary landfill will take approximately one and half years, the site was to begin construction end of 2017.

Currently, about 300 – 320 tonnes of garbage per day is brought to the compound in Kerawalapitiya where compost is made. The compost yard is working although some construction is still underway. Owing to the urgency construction is carried out simultaneously. This is maintained by SLRDC under the guidance of the ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.

There is an issue. That is the semi- aerobic landfill sight in Kerawalapitiya, planned it for 6 months until the Aruwakkalu sanitary landfill site. One is to construct at least part of Aruwakkalu within the next two-three months. Completion of the project will take about one and half years.

However, spokesperson to the Minister of Megapolis and Western Development, Dhanushka Ramanayake, when inquired, told the Sunday Observer that there is no such threat as they have completely stopped accepting mixed garbage.

“Initially we took steps to segregate garbage within our compound, after collection, this was because initially, we were not able to get the people to do the segregation by themselves. But we have given sufficient time for the local government authorities that we will not take garbage from January if it is not segregated still extended this deadline”, Ramanayake said.

We informed that starting from March 1 the Kerawalapitiya site will not take in mixed garbage at all. The local government authorities will be held responsible to finding solutions to the disposing of garbage going forward.

Nimal Premathilake further went on to state that people must get involved in segregating garbage which in turn will result in extending the lifespan of sites such as Kerawalapitiya.