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MVIVO showcases next phase of home building

CEO of MVIVO, Kjell Van Doren
CEO of MVIVO, Kjell Van Doren

The next phase of homes and home building in Sri Lanka was showcased at the Nelum Pokuna Main Theatre recently. Over 600 guests were present.

The launch of this novel concept was organised by MVIVO (Pvt) Ltd., an organisation whose roots are firmly set in Europe, who now bring their expertise, innovation, and knowledge to the shores of Sri Lanka.

MVIVO CEO Kjell Van Doran, said, “Our belief at MVIVO is that homes need to change with the times, they need to evolve. That is the focus of our company, innovative housing solutions, which we are launching for the first time in Sri Lanka.

“The houses that we build take into account modern-day lifestyles. People want convenience, quality and most of all speed when building a home. And even after your house is built, the core of each house is built with the flexibility for future adjustments. Therefore, when your lifestyles change over the years your home will too, a home that caters and evolves to your lifestyle needs,” he said.

The launch gave the audience a clear perspective of the capabilities of the organization. MVIVO abides by all Euro codes and quality standards set by the European Union with regard to construction and construction materials, ensuring that every home built, is to the highest standards. Another key point that got the attention of the audience was the time factor needed to build a house, which is currently seven months.

However, MVIVO plans to reduce the time further, to four months. As new as these homes are to Sri Lanka, they keep to two of the essential requirements of any home, aesthetics and comfort.

Each home is energy efficient and ensures the comfort of every individual in the home. A highlight of the launch was the introduction of an innovation that only MVIVO can offer, which sets them apart from all other companies in the arena of home building; this innovation is the configuration also known as the Design Studio which has several benefits.

And after the home design is picked and finalized, the cost is fixed, which allows the customer to have a clear indication of the budget. The result of these benefits is an elegant and modern home, built in a collaboration that fulfills the customer’s need and elevates their everyday living standards.

A new website detailing the capabilities and advantages of MVIVO would be online, for their convenience, at the end of the month. The MVIVO Design Center that would allow for the complete experience of these new homes will be launched by March 28.

MVIVO’s CSR project, Shapes Foundation will be allocated 1% of company revenue to provide homes for those in need. MVIVO plans to build between 12-16 houses through this initiative.

MVIVO is building homes for individuals seeking elegant, modern houses that stand apart from the rest and are in-tune with global trends.

With many advantages to offer, MVIVO is poised to change and innovate the face of Sri Lanka’s home construction industry and fast track it to the future.