SL mulls building nuclear power plant | Sunday Observer

SL mulls building nuclear power plant

A feasibility study to build the first ever nuclear power plant in the country will commence shortly, a senior official of the Ministry of Power said.

The study will be completed within a year and a decision will be taken thereafter regarding the power plant, he said.

“Sri Lanka is seriously looking at constructing a nuclear power plant. We are studying the feasibility of developing a nuclear power plant in the country which is very important to reduce the cost of electricity in the country,” Power and Renewable Energy Ministry Secretary Dr. B.M.S. Batagoda said. The cost of electricity in Sri Lanka is the highest in the region.

“Nuclear is one of the cheapest power sources in the world. Many countries use this technology and safety is not a concern any more. Since Sri Lanka imports 100 percent of its power materials such as coal, diesel and fuel, the energy cost is high. Therefore, I believe that a nuclear power plant is one of the most economical options for the country,” he said.

Among the other benefits from a nuclear power plant will be the reduced cost of energy which will result in a lower cost of production.

“This will help the manufacturing and the services sectors to be more competitive and also will increase the competitive edge in the global market. The benefit will be trickle down to the entire spectrum of the economy thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity in fuelling the economic growth,” he said.

Countries such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have aggressively build nuclear power plants and it should be noted that Bangladesh has the world’s highest dense population. It has build large nuclear power plants in the major cities. The oil rich Middle Eastern countries including Arab Emirates and Abu Dabi also have build nuclear power plants despite having abundance of oil. They build these power plants to reduce the cost of power and stabilise the economy. 


Another feasability study and commission for the politicos .ultimately no nuclear plant during the next century.but there willbe foundation stone after clearing the Wilpatth or the Sinharaja forest and more income geration from foundation laying ceromney as well as the felt timber from the forests .coutry like non other.

At the drop of a hat we import potatoes Bombay onion and rice .why can’t we import nuclear energy from India or Bamgaladsh ?No need of any feasibility studies or commission just connect to the Indian grid. And no need to wait till next century,