SLT offers 25% more data for ‘Terabyte’ packages | Sunday Observer

SLT offers 25% more data for ‘Terabyte’ packages

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national telecommunication service provider was proud to announce the company’s latest promotion that offered an additional allowance of 25% more data, adding value to heavy broadband users who are enrolling as new customers or wishing to upgrade their broadband with Tera packages.

This promotion will continue until 20th March 2018.

This promotion entails customers of SLT’s heavy / ultra-heavy broadband packages, namely Web Life, Web Premier and Web Inspire to enjoy 25% extra data, free of additional costs during the promotion period. All existing customers as well as new customers of the above three packages are eligible for this offer.

At present, SLT’s heavy use broadband package Web Life, boasts of a total monthly data allowance of 1 terabyte, while the ultra-heavy use broadband packages, Web Inspire and Web Premier boasts of total monthly data allowances of 1.7 terabytes and 3 terabytes respectively.

Mr. Ajantha Seneviratne, Group Chief Marketing Officer of SLT said, “SLT is actively engaged in enabling to boost the country’s potential by increasing availability, affordability, readiness and relevance of ICT with a range of broadband offers. We are truly the No. 1 value for money broadband internet provider in Sri Lanka without any doubt because we are providing the unmatched, highest monthly data volumes to our valuable internet consumers enabling their growing digital requirements.”

Through this promotion, SLT aims to add value to heavy users of SLT broadband enabling them to consume more data and enjoy their connected digital lifestyles through SLT’s consistent, uninterrupted, high speed internet with increased browsing capability, significantly increasing value for money.