Oh, our race! | Sunday Observer

Oh, our race!

Siripala slipped into his mood of thoughtfulness. Anyone who knew Siripala would tell you that this mood is one of a kind. With furrowed eyebrows, he sipped the cup o’ tea his Haminey gave him.

“I say Haminey, do you know our race is going to be extinguished by these thambi fellows ?” he suddenly leaped up from that armchair and asked.

“So I’ve heard, that’s the talk around town no Siri,” Haminey shouted back from the kitchen.

“How do you think these people are going to get about it?” Siripala sat back on his chair and asked his beloved.

Well, Haminey was his only companion. No one else would tolerate his idiosyncrasies. Not even his children. “Why didn’t you watch the news? These fellows are giving pills to make us all infertile no” she replied. “Our boys had given them tight. Burnt a few shops and hammered a few of them. That will teach them a lesson”.

“Very good” replied Siripala, sighing with relief . “That’s the way to go” he murmured. “So the Police did nothing to stop them burning?” he asked, to clarify something that instantly popped in his mind.

“Don’t be silly Siripala. The Police were at the restaurant watching our boys run amok” Haminey replied. Siripala thought that was the best way to go. We don’t need to be policed anyway, he thought. If the politico and the drug lord can go scot free without the Police doing anything, why should our people pay for standing up for their race? he asked himself.

The tea was still being sipped. Siripala loves his morning tea, especially on a day when he had a lot to think about. A day like today.

He couldn’t contain his thoughts though. “I say Haminey, so these pills- don’t you think America would want a ton of them men?” he asked. “I don’t think many of them want children and why go through the hassle of getting operated with this and that” Siripala bellowed.

Now it was Haminey’s turn to put some sense into Siripala. “No darling, this is a first. Paradise Land is the only place where it works. These Thambi fellows here are the only ones using it and it only works on our people” she said.

That was some discovery, Siripala thought. Imagine creating a pill that could only be used on his own kind.

“So if Anne took it nothing would happen to her”, Siripala asked. Anne was Haminey’s brother’s American friend. Siripala had the hots for her.

“No it won’t work on her,” Haminey replied, perturbed. Siripala slipped back into his thoughts. He contemplated how smart these trader Thambis had become. He never knew they possessed a lab facility in Paradise land that could create such pills. Pills which could only work on his kind.

Haminey sensed some confusion in Siripala’s mind and wanted to iron it out. “Our boys gave them tight, up in the hills also, no. Looted and burnt a few shops. We need to put them in their place men” she said nonchalantly. True that, Siripala thought. Pills were one thing. But assaulting one of our guys? How could that be? Banda told him the other day that these fellows had the gumption to assault a driver who died a few days later. “The Police didn’t do anything there as well?” he asked, naturally. “Aha” Siripala thought, way to go boys.

Had that got anything to do with the Pill he wondered. He knew it hadn’t, but you needed some excuse no. Just to go on a rampage. So we put the pill of hatred, he nodded to himself.

He thought and thought again. “I say Haminey, so actually we are such a great race, no. We have the 8th world wonder, the 1st to annihilate and win a proper war, the only race to speak this language, the first of many other things and now…” he thought.

And he thought again. There was a smile on his face. Finally. He had to see some silver lining on this cloud. Well, no not that he was looking for one, but there surely was one wasn’t there? “We are going to be the only race in the world that was to be made infertile using a pill” he screamed. Haminey knew what joy this sort of sense of achievement gave the man.

“Yes, the first race to be wiped out by applying infertile Gel on undergarments and having pills put in beef curries” she said, hoping that this would add to his glee. Nothing made her happier than seeing him as happy as he was.