Retraction of claims made in Cat’s Eye column of March 4, 2018 | Sunday Observer

Retraction of claims made in Cat’s Eye column of March 4, 2018

Our attention is drawn to a complaint made to the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka, subsequently communicated to us regarding content published in the Cat’s Eye satire column of March 4, 2018 entitled “A dangerous game: Rich politicians and paraded offspring”.

According to the complaint made by the Presidential Secretariat, the article in question refers to an online news source that claims the President was the third richest politician in Sri Lanka. The complainant has requested that this newspaper publish proof of the claim or issue a retraction.

Upon investigation, it has been found that the article in question quotes an uncorroborated digital news source. Furthermore, there is no such list of politicians compiled by the Forbes Magazine.

We sincerely regret the erroneous allegation and admit the failing on our part to ensure material that appears on these pages adheres to the strictest standards of ethical reporting and factual accuracy. We apologize for the error and for any pain of mind caused to the President and his office as a result of the publication.

We wish to also place on record that the column in question has been suspended indefinitely.