Priyanka Saparamadu publishes two new books | Sunday Observer

Priyanka Saparamadu publishes two new books

Priyanka Saparamadu received the State Literary Award for 'The Wonderful Gem and Sigiriya.' It was adjudged the best children's book in 2015. She has published two more books recently named, 'The Wonderful Night' and 'The Golden Bird.' 'The Wonderful Night' is a story about three little friends who were enjoying themselves in the forest who get caught to a trap.

Read 'Wonderful Night' to find out what happens afterwards. You will enjoy the story with the lovely pictures attached and also find interesting information about the wonders of the night, says Saparamadu. The Sinhala adaptation of the book (Sandha Hinahenawa) is also available in bookshops now.The other children's book is titled ‘The Golden Bird’ which was sponsored by the National Library Board.

It is an interesting story about a kind man and a greedy one. A wise bird rewards the kind man. “What happens to the greedy one? Read “The Golden Bird” to find out. The Sinhala adaptation of The Golden Bird Ranwan Kurulla is also available in bookshops now.