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Nature resort in Nagoda

Wasana Resort
Wasana Resort

A maiden footprint in the hospitality industry was made last week with the launch of Wasana Nature Resort and Restaurant, in a mesmerizing five acre land in Nagoda, Kandana.

Wasana Trading Company Managing Director Sampath Indika Merenchige said the project will be completed in three stages.

“With the launch of the first stage, visitors are welcomed to enjoy quiet dwelling in a serene environment with sumptuous local and foreign cuisine and true spirit of nature in the close vicinity of Colombo,” he said. The nature paradise Wasana Nature Resort and Restaurant is built according to the vision and concept of the company’s Managing Director Sampath Indika Merenchige and Director Asiri Dayan Merenchige. It is a 100 percent eco friendly structure.

“Already two cabanas have been opened with accommodation capacity of four in each cabana.

Dining facilities have been arranged in an A/C or non A/C environment with five types of banquet halls commissioned for clients who require facilities to hold functions,” he said.

Also a fascinating network of water channels with duck model boats deployed for the enjoyment of customers and with special equipment put in place for children to engage in games and play.

There’s also a fully equipped Ayurveda Centre that will serve the needs of local as well as overseas tourists who visit the nature resort. The fine looking reservoir that spread through the five acre land makes the resort a spectacular place with a panoramic view of the beautiful natural scenery.

The management ensures its customers the best Italian and Chinese cuisine prepared by chefs with international class from the restaurants in the resort.

“Once the project is completed in three stages, the five acre fascinating landscape will comprise 30 cabanas, a spectacular swimming pool and a banquet hall that could host over 600 people. With the establishment of Wasana Nature Resort and Restaurant both local and foreign tourists will get the opportunity within 20 minutes to reach the destination which will fulfill all their needs in Colombo itself,” Merenchige said.

The entire project which consists of three stages is expected to be completed within six months.

A website was launched to ensure customer convenience in depicting the details of the total project.