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Rejuvenate yourself and make a fresh start

Make enough time to spend with your family reflecting on ‘what went well’ and ‘what didn’t go well’.
Make enough time to spend with your family reflecting on ‘what went well’ and ‘what didn’t go well’.

A significant feature in the New Year celebrations is togetherness and sharing. There is no better joy than re-uniting with people you know and love. It’s time to give and receive too.

The moment you think of giving or receiving what comes to mind is material gifts you can touch and feel. While it’s a nice thing to do, giving intangibles make more sense and help people beyond the instant happiness you get when you receive or give a material gift.

Life doesn’t end with a day’s celebrations. Life is short. We won’t get to celebrate too many traditional New Years like the one we did yesterday. How meaningfully can we spend this season to make our lives better and help others to achieve the same for the long term?

Make enough time to spend with your family reflecting on ‘what went well’ and ‘what didn’t go well’ – prepare a list and ask the question why and figure out what changes are needed going forward to make higher percentage of activities work as envisaged.

Such an informal and casual audit in line with the mood of the season will help you discover new ways of doing the same old things better for greater results and figure out new focus areas for the family. It can range from your career to children’s education to making or giving up relationships.


We need new perspectives, insights, ideas and energy and motivation and time and lots of other intangible things that can’t be bought off the shelf. Happiness is in the hearts and minds of people not in materials.

It shouldn’t limit itself to traditional holidays or statutory holidays. It can sometimes be found on the most ordinary of Mondays. Sometimes it just blows in like a swallow in December.

Sometimes, when you want it most you can’t have it. And sometimes you’re up to your elbows.

The holidays do NOT have to remain rigidly the same, year after year. By opening yourself up to change and letting go of traditions that have become too difficult or expensive, you afford yourself an opportunity to shape your holiday experience to reflect your current lifestyle and personality and learn something for the future.

It’s what holidays are really about – the chance to properly renew friendships and spend long-overdue time finding out what’s going on in other people’s lives. So a gathering of friends is always a nice surprise to spring on someone.

Offer and receive feedback - exchange ideas - mentor others or be mentored by someone who has something to offer you. There is no better opportunity than the holiday season to interact with people with an open mind.

Enjoy doing what you like to do but also find time to try what I have advocated.

I’m sure you will discover new ways of improving your life while helping the others with your new insights. This would offer sustainable happiness compared to a gift offering instant happiness.

A good balance between the two may be a good start.