BOC records Rs. 54 b in ATM/CDM transactions | Sunday Observer

BOC records Rs. 54 b in ATM/CDM transactions

Bank of Ceylon (BOC) again set a record during the Avurudu season with over Rs. 54 billion worth transactions taking place in BOC’s very own CDM and ATM terminals.

This record is a testimonial to customer’s faith kept on the Bank’s ATM/CDM network, to provide them the best in class 24-hour operative convenient banking services.

Having a fully operational ATM/CDM network with over 930 machines covering the entire country, BOC has provided customers utmost convenience and easy access to cash for their immediate cash needs during Avurudu.

Through the Bank’s ATM network alone, BOC dispensed over Rs. 36 billion for 13-day period from April 1-13 which is the highest amount dispensed through the BOC ATM network.

The Bank has installed over 160 Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) covering every strategic point throughout the country enabling BOC customers to deposit money into their accounts 24 hours a day.

These CDMs have accepted highest amount recorded at over Rs.18 bn in cash during the same period. The highest amount in transactions made on the ATM network was recorded on April 10 and 11 which was over Rs. 4.8 bn and Rs. 4.3 bn respectively. During this period, deposits that were made to the bank’s CDM network was over Rs.2.0 bn and Rs.1.9 bn respectively.Total Number of ATM and CDM transactions were recorded as 3.6 million during 13 days period.

BOC ATM/CDM network of more than 930 machines covers every hotspot in the country and this has led to the increase in usage of these service points among general public.

The Bank is currently in the process of expanding its digital customer touch points strategically. As the latest addition to this chain, BOC-DIGI is a sophisticated self serving customer service center that includes ATMs, CDMs account opening, and bill payment kiosks. So far the pilot BOC-DIGI at the Kandy City Center has created quite a buzz within the City and records an impressive number of transactions every day which shows the customer confidence gained within the short period since its opening.

Apart from the benefit of the cash withdrawal facility from the ATM, through the CDM customers can instantly deposit cash straight into their BOC account that gets credited on real time without an additional charge. Unlike many cash deposit machines which require money to be fed into the machine note by note or be inserted into an envelope, this machine allows customers to place a total bundle of 200 notes in a mix of any denomination in a single transaction. This machine also accepts ‘cardless’ deposits made using ATM cards or fund transfers made by simply keying debit account and the credit account numbers as per instructions displayed on the CDMs graphic screen.

Stretching the convenience of 24-hour banking to every nook and corner of the country, as a part of digital transformation, the Bank of Ceylon has become the largest single network connected to ‘Lankapay’ common ATM platform in the country with over 770 of BOC’s own ATMs.