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Personal loans for specialised professionals from BOC

The launch of the Digital Banking campaign.
The launch of the Digital Banking campaign.

Permanent employees in Government service or in the private sector can apply for BOC personal loans.

The Bank has opened a category for specialised professionals to offer them the tailor-made facilities to suit their needs. With the best interest rates in the market offered for personal loans, with the maximum repayment period extended to 10 years based on the customer’s repayment capacity. This facility can be obtained from any of BOC’s 627 branches spread across the country.

No matter how big your dream maybe, with BOC Personal loans customers can realise it fully as and when they want it. With this loan customers could fulfill their dreams such as buying a vehicle, having a wedding ceremony that you have always dreamt of, buying household items/furniture to accentuate your home interiors, covering higher education expenses of children, or going on a pilgrimage or foreign tour.

BOC, has so far made it possible for many to make their dreams come true in many different ways. With the inter-linked network that connects branches and all other digital channels including ATM/CDMs, online banking and mobile app, BOC everyday enables many with seamless transactions adding value to their lives.

The Bank of Ceylon serves Sri Lankans from all walks of life helping them to build their lives and making themselves financially stable whilst uplifting the country’s economy.