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Thorathuru Dansela at Access

Inside Access spread knowledge during the Vesak season with the introduction of the Inside Access Information (Thorathuru) Dansela at Access Tower 2, Union Place. Held on April 29 the Information (Thorathuru) Dansela was extended an additional day, due to its positive reception by Vesak festival goers.

The Inside Access Information Dansela was held in partnership with Simple Books and Jobs4U, which shared a range of insights; from how to get the job you want, to key information when starting your own company, to the latest trends in project management and the latest technologies shaping our world.

Inside Access is a new initiative started by the Access Group to provide useful and functional information for SMEs and individuals in Sri Lanka to help them grow their businesses, their ideas and themselves, to be able to compete in an increasingly competitive world.

Vesak commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha and has grown into an island wide festival of light, art, and giving freely, making it a favorite of many here in the island.