Poems | Sunday Observer


 Life’s journey

When we are born to this wide space
Those whom we meet, very first in our rat race
Will be our parents, the first to guide
We think they will be with us for the entire ride
But it is far from the truth, we have to accept
At the journey’s end, you are sure to regret
They will be with us only as long as we need
This has been over-proven with their deeds
Then we live on with memories of their love
When they are no more our eyes turn above
In our lives they are the ones who matter most
You would never ever wish them to be lost
They will be supportive and understanding
Their attitude towards us will be outstanding
Their wish – there is nothing to keep you back
If something happens, they will soon put you back on track
Loving affection, friendship and guidance
We will always cherish their ever presence
Always hold them dear to our hearts
But when time comes they do depart
They never fail to leave an everlasting impression
Which will never be subjected to suppression
Your journey will be filled with hopes
Dreams and setbacks that which you cannot cope
You must constantly strive for the best
And fulfill the life’s path before you rest
Always check the speed of your journey
With many a trial and error, you will succeed.

- Rupa Banduwardena


What Matters…

What matters having a Maruti or a Benz
If their wheels can take you to your destination?
If they don’t mislead you with incorrect time?
What matters living in a mansion or a hut
If loneliness doesn’t shroud you world?
What matters going to a five star or zero star
If your stomach’s capacity is the same?
What matters earning trillions or hundreds
If happiness doesn’t come to live in your heart?
What matters lying on a gold or a wooden coffin
If you don’t sense the ultimate comfort?

- A. Jayalath Basnagoda


The soft moon in my life sky
Tells me tales of the Golden robe.
Feeds me with delicious food I hope.
Says never anything to me as ‘nope’
Teaches me how I get success and cope.
Kind and always be truthful
As the moon she is beautiful
Everytime she is cheerful
I love her with my heart full
When my finger has been cut with knife
she always cried for the wound of mine
As she is the soft moon full of shine
She dispelled the dark and lit my life

- Dulmi Mayodhya