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Vesak dansals at Narahenpita

Joining in the community spirit of the Vesak festival, Serendib Flour Mills (SFML) held a Dansala, distributing buns near the Narahenpita Police Hospital to the local community, for the third consecutive year. The Dansala was organized in partnership with Miyurasa Bakery in Narahenpita where 15,000 buns were distributed to an eager throng of people. The buns were prepared hygienically and packed in environmental-friendly paper bags. The Dansala commenced with a Buddhist priest chanting the gatha, and blessing the event, which drew a large crowed. This event also coincides with Serendib Flour Mills’ 10th Anniversary of successful operations. To mark the occasion, SFML has embarked on an annual campaign on the theme, ‘Nourishing The Nation’. As part of this initiative, 2,500 loaves of bread were distributed at the Piliyandala Dansala and 1,750 loaves of bread were distributed at the Mahiyangana Dansala by the Company.

Commenting on the occasion, Mohamed Riyal - Chief Executive Officer, Serendib Flour Mills says, “As a company, SFML is committed to nourishing the nation with our nutritious and high quality products because we believe in offering our customers nothing but the best for their well-being. Occasions such as this Vesak festival are an opportunity for the company to reward its customers for their loyalty and support. SFML engages closely with local communities, and organizing Dansals is an ideal way to connect with our stakeholders. We are especially proud to host the Dansals this year as we are also celebrating the Company’s 10th anniversary of sustainable operations!”