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The Phantom Submarine

Second Prize

The Phantom Submarine is another book that I read with great interest. It is written by Richard Brightfield and illustrated by Ron Jones. This book tells us a story about a girl who can sense the future. The story starts when the girl senses that a helicopter is coming towards her house. In a few seconds it lands near her house and three people came in to the house.

One of them is Professor Conroy and the other two are members of intelligence services. They have got to know about the girl’s power and they have come to take her to help them in their new project about the loss of ships in the sea.

Many of the new ships were lost in their first journey. With the help of the girl can they solve this mysterious problem? Read this book to find more about the story.

Pasindu Anjana Weerakkody,

Grade 9,

Royal International School,