Don’t politicize Mullivaikal commemoration-Student’s Union | Sunday Observer

Don’t politicize Mullivaikal commemoration-Student’s Union

Jaffna University Student’s Union requests all political parties to refrain from politicizing the Mullivaikkal commemoration, President of the Student’s Union, Krishna Meenan told the Sunday Observer.

Accordingly, civil society and students were seen earlier this week at the memorial ground engaged in the preparatory work for the commemoration which falls this Friday (18).

“We have decided that this year’s Mullivaikkal memorial day should be taken out of the hands of politicians and be organised by the university students and civil society,” he ssaid.

Accordingly, this collective decision has been taken as a solution to keep aside political differences and commemorate this day as one community.

Raising an issue on political parties he said political parties do not solve problems but escalate and take advantage of the situation.

Unions and other social services will be utilized in providing food, water and to attend other medical emergencies. Scouts will be deployed to maintain security during the ceremony, speaking on the preparations he said.

Mullivaikkal commemoration is held on the 18 in remembrance of fallen lives during the final stages of the civil war and is held in Mullivaikkal where the scene of the final battle took place.