Govt will complete term, says Harrison | Sunday Observer

Govt will complete term, says Harrison

Social Empowerment Minister P. Harrison says that irrespective of whatever issues the Unity Government is confronted with, it will definitely continue its full term with the President, Prime Minister and all other stakeholders of the Government teaming up irrespective of their political affiliations to give effect to development priorities and pass the dividends to the masses.

In 1994, the then President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga ran the Government with only a one-vote majority for five years. On the contrary, the incumbent Government has not faced any political issues of a formidable nature. “We have a clear majority to run the Government by fulfilling the aspirations of the people,” the Minister told the Sunday Observer.

He said that unlike in the past, in the current political backdrop demonstrations and agitations can be attributed to the freedom of expression, media freedom and right to information guaranteed after the National Unity Government came to power.

“Therefore, in the teeth of protests or demonstrations or whatever agitations, I am quite confident that the Government would complete its full term,” he said.

Minister Harrison said that the President, Prime Minister and all coalition partners of the Yahapalana Government should team up to take forward the Government until it completes its full term so that the confidence the people have reposed in this Government remains intact.

Answering in the negative, when asked whether the 16 MPs who quit the Government would have any impact on governance, Minister Harrison said that no UNP MP has quit the Government.

It is obvious that half of them were in the SLFP while the others had their sympathies with the Pohottuwa. Now they have organised themselves into one group. I think the SLFP can now reorient their vision in a more conspicuous and transparent manner.

Minister Harrison said, “Some SLFP MPs are with President Maithripala Sirisena during the day and with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at night. This double game cannot be played any longer. If we are members of a particular political party, we should have our allegiance to the party leader as well as the party.”

He said at present new office-bearers have been appointed to the UNP and the Working Committee has endorsed this. Therefore, we have to work with them in unison. Of course, there may be problems. Most members demand ministerial portfolios and there is a limit to this. “This is not a single party Government but a coalition. As a party, we should strengthen the party fabric since for all of us, the party comes first and positions later.”