SLFP 16 in talks to form alliance | Sunday Observer

SLFP 16 in talks to form alliance

Former Skills Development and Vocational Training Minister and UPFA Galle District MP Chandima Weerakkoday said 16 SLFP members who crossed over to the Opposition on May 8 are now having discussions to establish a broad political alliance together with some other political parties to form a Government.

“We have to prepare a strategy as to how a new Government can be formed to address the burning issues of the people. At present, the people are disgruntled and suffer a lot due to economic constraints. Therefore, there is a dire necessity to form a new Government together with all those who are opposed to the UNP,” MP Weerakkody told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

Asked whether the group of 16 SLFP MPs have decided to meet former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, he said not only former President Rajapaksa, they would also discuss with former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, other political party leaders, social groups and industry people to obtain their views as to how the next Government can be formed to address the burning issues of the people, improve economic development, promote reconciliation and maintain proper international relations. “Once we form a broad political alliance, we would be able to form a people friendly Government.”

MP Weerakkody said they have already held discussions with former Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne, Mahanayake Theras and Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. We will meet Muslim religious leaders within the next few days.

He said they would closely work with all Parliamentarians in the Joint Opposition (JO) because all those in the JO are also members of the SLFP led UPFA. Therefore, there is no ideological difference between us and the JO. “However, the 16 of us would act as a pressure group to get all political parties together to form a broad political alliance”.