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The times ‘The Rock’ inspired us

Loving father with newly born Tiana Gia Johnson
Loving father with newly born Tiana Gia Johnson

Born into a poor family that was constantly on the move due to his father’s flailing wrestling career, The Rock knew hardship from an early age. After his parents separated, Dwayne 14, entered a long-time battle with depression, which was made worse by the threat of homelessness and pushed him down a path of delinquency.

Now, Dwayne Johnson has his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was named the world’s highest paid actor in 2016. He has become a vocal advocate for at-risk children and mental health awareness, and is actively toying with the idea of entering the political arena in the future. Whether he decides to throw his hat into the ring of politics or continue starring in Hollywood’s most popular movies. We’re celebrating his birthday by remembering five of the most inspiring moments the former “punk kid”—as he sometimes describes himself – has offered us.

Giving back through charity

No stranger to adversity, Johnson is committed to sharing his success with the global community. One of his main avenues for this is The Dwayne Johnson ROCK Foundation, which aims to empower the lives, health and self-esteem of hospitalized children, aid in their education and offer mentorship in nutrition and physical fitness to fight childhood obesity and put children in charge of their own fitness and health since 2007.

He is also involved with The Beacon Experience, an organization dedicated to the academic success and prolonged education of children.

He has also supported the Parkinson Society Maritime Region, Until There’s A Cure, the Red Cross, I Have A Dream Foundation and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, among many more throughout the years.

Speaking out on depression and mental health

Earlier this year, The Rock took to remind people that depression strikes indiscriminately and there is no shame in opening up and seeking help. He also made a point of speaking to men, as male sufferers of depression tend to seek out help far less often than women due to societal conditionings – all of us have heard the toxic “boys don’t cry mantra”. Well, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t believe in that, and as someone who has battled depression for a long time, we should all heed his advice.

Telling a 4-year-old she inspires him

Caroline Lantz is a four-year-old battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a highly aggressive cancer that has spread through most of her body. Despite her struggle, Caroline refuses to back down, showing strength and resilience in the face of her illness.

Learning of her story, Johnson shared Caroline’s fight on social media, asking fans to think of the young warrior and complimenting her strength – and bald head “I’m bald too, so that automatically makes me cool like you,” he wrote to Caroline.

Responding to a proposal with hundreds of free movie tickets

When Katie Kelzenberg asked Dwayne Johnson to go to prom with her on social media, she never imagined what was going to happen. Just five days after posting her invitation online, Katie was shocked to hear Johnson’s voice reverberating through the high school intercom system. Although The Rock was not able to make it, he rewarded Katie’s courage and devotion with a free screening of his movie Rampage. Not only did 233 free tickets make it her way, The Rock also offered “all the popcorn, candy and soda a teenager could ingest.”

Talking about the joy and privilege of being a supportive husband and father

Talking to Instagram after the birth of his third daughter, Johnson spoke of being “raised and surrounded by strong, loving women.”

He added that attending the birth of Tiana Gia Johnson gave him newfound respect “for all mamas and women out there,” advising all fathers to be there and support their partners throughout the pregnancy and birth.

He also pledged to put his family and children first: “Your crazy dada has many responsibilities and wears many hats in this big ol’ world, but being your dad will always be the one I’m most proud to wear.”