BT pellet trucks from UTE to power John Keells logistics | Sunday Observer

BT pellet trucks from UTE to power John Keells logistics

UTE, a material handling equipment and service provider, handed over a fleet of BT Powered Pellet Trucks to John Keells Logistics - one of the island’s leading logistic companies.

This fleet of BT pellet trucks was handed over for the use of John Keells Logistics’ warehouse complexes. Established in 1952 and based in Sweden, the world’s leading brand in warehouse material handling equipment, BT has been manufacturing a comprehensive range of Material Handling Equipment for varied warehouse needs worldwide.

Nibasanda Yapa Abeywardhene, New Projects Manager, John Keells Logistics elaborating on BT Pellet Trucks said: “As an organization committed to maintain the highest quality standards, we at John Keells Logistics ensure that a variety of perishables and other kinds of products are stored and handled with utmost care.

“We consider secure storage and efficient handling of different products that require varied levels of temperature and handling technology are of supreme importance. We are certain that the fleet of BT Powered Pellet Trucks we have commissioned from UTE will enable us to fulfill these vital requirements, while enhancing the overall productivity of our warehouse network.”

BT Industries Group, a member of Toyota Industries Corporation of Japan manufactures a range of high performance MHE such as Minimover, Hand Pellet Trucks, Powered Pallet Trucks, Reach Trucks, Stackers, and VNA Trucks for a variety of warehouse applications. This internationally acclaimed portfolio of products, packed with unique features is manufactured using the latest technology to deliver an optimal level of efficiency, while meeting the highest safety standards. BT Powered Pellet Trucks, compact in design, enables a greater level of maneuverability, allows working smoothly and efficiently even in tight spaces.