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LG launches digital signage technology

Pix Vipula Amerasinghe
Pix Vipula Amerasinghe

The first ever LG tech seminar was held in Colombo last week with the participation of over 200 top corporate members, to mark the launch of innovative digital signage technology in Sri Lanka.

This progressive new line up of digital signage solutions is expected to promote business in the sectors of IT, hospitality, retail, transportation and media.

“The digital signage which is an electronic platform, is an effective springboard for advertising. The future of the digital signage looks promising and this new product range is offered by Abans to the local market. We are confident that this new technology will facilitate business growth,” Deputy Director Abans PLC., Dinesh Perera said.

The businesses need to be differentiated in a rapidly changing technological environment where they have to be competitive. They should seek new material to boost customer engagement. The signage TV market trends are evolving and the next generation trends has become the convergence, art and culture. With the products introduced, Abans plans to set up a state-of-the art mall at the Colombo City Centre which will open in the near future. It is expected to boost the customer experience as well, he said.

Digital signage, described as an electronic display platform, has gained major popularity over the past decade due to its ability to build brand awareness, serve as an effective springboard for advertising and deliver integral information about a company‘s products and services through high-quality graphics and videos. With their new cutting edge range, LG will be breathing new life into this advertising medium and bring the future of digital signage to Sri Lanka. The brand aims to revolutionize and enhance how local businesses communicate with their customer base, a company spokesman said.

One of the many such solutions demonstrated at the LG Tech seminar was OLED displays. The LG ultra stretch digital signage achieves enhanced business and customer relationship while allowing the customers to directly interact with the video wall. This aspect can be easily customized by clients according to their business needs.

The solution utilizes LG ultra stretch content manager software for fast, hassle-free and convenient modification of images and video content.

Overall, the 58.9 widescreen imparts a stylish, elegant feel to any storefront or interior, serving an additional purpose as digital décor.

Another innovative digital signage technology that was displayed at the tech seminar was LED transparent film.

Incorporating LED diodes in a transparent film which can fitted over store front windows, this solution presented a unique approach towards providing businesses a competitive edge by offering eye-catching digital content and information.

Other digital signage solutions under the LG’s latest range included the system-on-clips which can execute several tasks at the same time, guarantee smooth content playback and produce unique advertisement layouts, while the touch screen displays are equipped with no ghosting technology that host a 10-point multi touch experience and allow audiences to write, draw and express their ideas in a seamless manner.