SLFP to quit National Unity Govt? | Sunday Observer

SLFP to quit National Unity Govt?

At Thursday’s (May 17) SLFP Central Committee meeting, President Maithripala Sirisena had told the 23 SLFP MPs in the Government to submit their proposals within a week on whether the SLFP should continue to remain in the National Unity Government or quit it.

The 16 SLFP MPs who recently quit the Government had handed over a letter containing 15 proposals to the President at the Central Committee meeting.

One of the key proposals by the 16-member group was that the SLFP should leave the Government. The President whose response was very positive had asked the 23 SLFP MPs to take a decision within a week, former Skills Development and Vocational Training Minister and UPFA Galle District MP Chandima Weerakkody told the Sunday Observer yesterday. Weerakkody said the President directed to convene the SLFP Central Committee, Executive Committee and All Island Committee on June 3 to decide on the temporary reshuffle of the SLFP office-bearers. Instructions were also been given to reorganise the party, if necessary.

“Signals at the Central Committee meeting were very positive and I don’t think the SLFP would remain in the Government any longer,” he said.