Wiggy calls for removal of PTA | Sunday Observer

Wiggy calls for removal of PTA

A commemoration ceremony to remember family members who were killed during the last stages of the war, took place at Mullivaikkal on Friday, May 18.

University students and activists called upon politicians to ensure that the event is not politicised but kept dedicated for the people of the North and East who died during the war.

Speaking on the issue, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M. A. Sumanthiran told the Sunday Observer that it is difficult to completely disintegrate politicians from such activities as they are representatives of the people. However, he pointed out that the call to not politicise and gain political mileage from such events is a reasonable request.

“This is a valid concern. I don’t think commemorative events for the dead must ever be used by politicians for their narrow political objectives. But unfortunately, that very much occurs in the preparation for this event, and that is one reason why I have, out of disgust, decided to stay away from this event,” he said. Meanwhile, Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran addressing the gathering at the commemoration, demanded that the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) must be withdrawn as per the undertaking given by the government but which it had failed to do so far. He also called on the international community to set up an international strategic mechanism, without delay, to ensure justice for the people affected. Speaking on the release of land, Wigneswaran stated the Security Forces must withdraw from areas of traditional habitation.

“Let us dedicate May 18 every year as a day of mourning and as a symbol of our unity. Let us resolve that in the coming years we would bring all interested groups among us together, appoint an appropriate committee devoid of political party affiliations and regional considerations to organise an appropriate Day of Remembrance on May 18 in the coming years,” he said.