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BOC relaunches Nana Jaya scholarships

The Bank of Ceylon (BOC) relaunches its scholarship program for A/L high-flyers as ‘BOC Nena Jaya Scholarships’ to support them financially with an endowment offered monthly.

The BOC formulated the scholarships to support deserving students in their higher education for a maximum time period possible. A total of Rs. 16.2 million for 2016 and Rs. 16.3 million for 2017 will be disbursed over 800 eligible students who have sat for A/L in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

In combination with the country’s Premier Youth savings account ‘BOC 18 Plus’, this initiative has adapted a similar platform to that which the Government has laid to encourage higher education through the ‘Mahapola’ scholarship program.

Students will be assisted by the Bank to cover up their additional expenses up to four years - for merit scholarships and up to three years- for regular scholarships.

Merit scholarships will be granted for Island best among the eligible students from Mathematics, Science, Commerce, Arts, Technology, Bio system technology, Engineering Technology and common streams. Merit scholarship holders will be awarded with Rs.48,000 each and all others will receive scholarships worth of Rs.36,000 each.

This will be credited to their ‘18+ SmartGen’ savings account as a monthly endowment to cover-up additional expenses that incur until they complete their higher-education. Students who have maintained Rs. 5000/- in their 18 Plus account from the 1st of January till 31st of December 2016 and have got high Z-scores in the year 2016 are considered eligible to receive these scholarship awards on district basis. Similarly for students who have passed 2017 A/L examination with high Z-scores, maintaining a Rs.10,000 from January 1, 2017 tillDecember 31, 2017 are considered eligible to receive the scholarship. Selection for both types of scholarships will be based on the Z-score received by the student irrespective of state or any other university entrance.

Application forms can be down loaded through and a specimen application is available in newspapers. For further information you may contact your nearest BOC branch.

Students who have sat for their A/L in the year 2018, can make themselves eligible to the scholarships by maintaining a minimum balance of Rs.10,000 in their ‘18 Plus’ savings account for six months from 1st August 2018 till January 31, 2019.

Bringing the latest technology available in banking to add convenience, BOC opened a new phase of banking through digital transformation. As a result the bank has made its services available to customer through many unconventional modes such as Social media and online modes. B-App, Smart Online Banking, Smart FD, Smart Passbooks, Apply Online Loan facility are some of the initiatives that assists customers to access the Bank without having to visit a branch to get their banking needs fulfilled.

Facilities such as BOC Digi, wide-spread ATM/CDM network - SmartZone and 24-hour banking counter at the Bank’s Head Office Personal branch ensures customers have the access to seamless transactions 24 hours a day.