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Epic Technology Group celebrates 20 years of operations

The head table.  Picture by Chaminda Niroshana
The head table. Picture by Chaminda Niroshana

Epic Technology Group which provides disruptive and innovative technology solutions celebrated 20 years of operations and plans to further expand their footprint in the market place.

“The company works according to its core values of speed, flexibility and innovation and is looking forward to remain a leader in the technology domain. We have been successful in establishing our services in the financial sector and have been able adopt true competencies related to information, system security, mobile application and digital documentation,” Executive Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Nayana Dehigama said.

“We are considered as a world player and are in the forefront of digital transformation. Measures will be taken to make Epic a global brand soon.

We began our FinTech innovation drive in early 2000s even before the banks and tech giants realised the potential in it. In a context where the most banks in Sri Lanka were challenged with diminishing credit-worthy customers due to market hostilities and facing fierce competition for the lucrative urban market segments especially from the techno-oriented new entrants that offered more flexible and innovative products and services, we offered technology solutions for the banking and finance sector enabling them to go beyond traditional boundaries to access new markets. We saw the potential and dire necessity for banks in reaching out to the un-banked and under-banked population, particularly in the untapped rural sectors. Therefore, we took the challenge of innovating cost-effective means for banks to reach millions of potential rural sector customers who are scattered in larger geographical area and included them in the banking system,” he said.

Epic provides proper domain expertise with local expertise and our solutions. The country is producing a number of IT graduates , but we do not have domain expertise. We at Epic are looking forward to address this issue, Group Director and CEO Epic Viraj Mudalige said.

“We have a lot of products of international standard in the banking sector and have also created international products. Epic introduced the ‘branches banking’ product to Sri Lanka. The terminal line inscription was also a first in the country and expertise and engineering capacity is from Sri Lankan talent. We can take this domain expertise to the next level. Epic has taken ‘made Sri Lanka’ brand to the global market place, he said.

Epic was founded in 1998 as a backyard start-up with just four members on board. With the vision to be a technology leader in the FSI solutions sector, the company began to develop secure payment software solutions to cater to the needs of the Banking and Financial Industry in Sri Lanka.

Today, Epic has evolved to be a diversified, techno-entrepreneurial conglomerate offering world-class life-enhancing innovative solutions to public and private sector enterprises in the region. While forging ahead amidst the constant technology transformation, Epic expanded its services beyond Sri Lanka, and established its operations in Malaysia, Japan and Singapore too.

Today, Epic is renowned as a FinTech Solutions Innovator in the region. Epic also has made remarkable impact as a technology leader that provides state-of-the-art Enterprise Digitalisation and Information Systems Security Solutions. The introduction of the Branchless Banking concept to the world and innovating the Asia Pacific’s most comprehensive and feature-rich Priority Banking Solution Suite which enables virtual banking experiences from anywhere in the world and new generation customer centric FinTech solutions through disruptive technologies are some ground breaking achievements Epic is proud of.