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First Prize : Matilda

Matilda is a world famous novel written by an equally world famous writer Roald Dahl. It was first published by Jonathan Cape in 1988. In the story, Matilda Wormwood is a little girl of five years of age who happens to have mean, horrible parents. It turns out that Matilda is no ordinary little child. She has an extraordinary mind which enables her to think and solve complex problems with ease. Matilda has a huge thirst for reading and books are her life blood. Each book has a different story to tell and that’s what makes reading special.

As the story continues, Matilda finds herself in school among children of her age. A kind and sensible woman named Miss Honey is the teacher of Matilda’s class. However, troubles lie in store for Matilda and Miss Honey as the dreaded school head mistress, Miss Trunchbull unleashes her fury on Matilda’s class.

Roald Dahl includes a lot of humour, adventure and mystery in the story about this little girl named Matilda. I enjoyed reading this book as it created a sort of pleasure and excitement in my mind. I prefer the term “mind boggling” .

Yasiru Nethmini Gunadasa, Grade 8, Lyceum International School, Panadura