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Finance & Leasing Services - Vehicles

Minimum interests,​monthly interest,​1.167 (0777 970049) (Leasing /​Finance),​vehicle loans,​monthly instalment per one lakh. Rs. 1499/​= onwards. For any unregistered vehicle leasing up to 90% of value the market,​for Speed Draft also lease instalment (Interested) balance forward will be deducated,​when paid at lump sum,​after the period of leasing agreement. Exchange for vehicles arranged /​vehicle & researching,​searchings,​also undertaken. Central Bank approved islandwide branches. Hotline 0777970049.

Toyota Cars - For Sale

Toyota RAV4 /​4WD auto,​petrol 1990cc,​2001,​135,​000 km power mirrors,​central locking,​reverse camera,​remote,​TV. Contact 0716641214,​Colombo 08.