Big changes at SLFP CC today? | Sunday Observer

Big changes at SLFP CC today?

The SLFP’s key decision making bodies - the Central Committee, Executive Committee and All Island Committee will meet today under the auspices of President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss far reaching changes to the party structure.

SLFP sources told the Sunday Observer yesterday that these meetings will only be confined to discuss extensively about party reforms and reorganise the party to successfully face upcoming elections.

At today’s meetings, the President will put forward a proposal to appoint temporary office-bearers until party reforms are completed. Sometimes, there may be a change in existing office bearers, the sources said.

Following the appointment of new office-bearers, the SLFP has decided to make far-reaching changes to the party structure including reforming its district level and village level organisations.

At the previous SLFP Central Committee meeting held on May 17, a decision had also been taken to complete the party’s reform drive by June 30.

Asked whether the proposal put forward by the SLFP’s 16-member group at the last Central Committee meeting that the SLFP should quit the Government will also be discussed today’s meetings, the sources said such issues will not be taken up and emphasis will only be on party reforms.

At the last Central Committee meeting, the 16 SLFP MPs who quit the Government had handed over a letter containing 15 proposals to the President.

One of their proposals was that the SLFP should leave the Government.

However, the President had told the 23 SLFP MPs in the Government to submit their proposals on whether the SLFP should continue to remain in the National Unity Government or quit it.