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Health products from May Saps Holdings

May Saps Holdings, specialists in health and lifestyle products have introduced energizing health products -‘Nakd’ energy bars and ‘Trek’protein bars from the UK to bring you a new health conscious lifestyle.

‘Trek’ protein bars are perfect fuel for those who exercise.

They are made of raw whole food ingredients to deliver sustained energy that won’t give you a sugar spike like energy gels.

Each bar is also made into 3 segments to help fuel you at intervals and …they are vegan and gluten free too! These are suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans as well.

Nakd and Trek bars are distributed by AVH Distributors.

‘ORS’ (Oral Rehydration Supplement) tablets from the UK, which contain a precise combination of electrolytes, glucose, Sodium, Potassium and Essential Minerals helping you to maintain a proper fluid balance to Rejuvenate your life.

These have been formulated to WHO standards after years of research into the science of hydration.

Healthy fluid balance for better wellness. O.R.S Hydration Tablets are suitable for both adults and children (from the age of 3) and contains no artificial preservatives.