High interest for FDs from Pan Asia Bank | Sunday Observer

High interest for FDs from Pan Asia Bank

Introducing a limited time offer, Pan Asia Bank recently announced that they will be offering a high interest rate of 12% for one-year fixed deposits (at maturity).

Further, for those who want to receive monthly interest during the investment period are offered 11% (A.E.R 11.57%).

Senior citizens above 55 are offered an even higher rate of 12.25% for at maturity option and 11.25% (A.E.R. 11.85%) for monthly interest option.

In a Fixed Deposit, the return is guaranteed in comparison to most of the other form of investments regardless of interest rate fluctuations. Hence it is an easy to understand, tried and tested secure investment method which will give peace of mind to any investor.

Apart from offering higher interest rates for deposits, a deposit at Pan Asia Bank is a highly secure investment since Pan Asia Bank is a licensed commercial bank which is regulated by the Central bank of Sri Lanka.

The bank was also recognised as the ‘Fastest Growing Commercial Bank in Sri Lanka 2017’ for the fourth consecutive year by Global Banking & Finance Review and as the Best Retail Bank in Sri Lanka 2017.

The bank is currently operating with 85 branches.

You can obtain further information on these offers by calling the bank’s 24 hour customer care center on 011-4667222.