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Life’s Journey (ii)

The first part of your journey will be with your siblings
Whose voices in your head still keep ringing
You will be enjoying with them if you are born
Not as the only child born alone
They are your brothers and sisters whom you love and cherish
Not even in your dreams you would wish them to perish
Remember them, they are very special and important
In your life’s journey right throughout
Cheerful childhood days will be a delight
Always enjoying parents around within your sight
All are seemingly trying the same destination
Parents do their best with no discrimination
Their only wish is to take all uphill
Neglect anyone, they never will
All will be treated equally with loving care
And overwhelming dedication which is very rare
If one works hard in a persevering way
There will be more excitement coming their way
If anyone deviates from the correct path
He or she is sure to get the parents’ wrath
When things around are going good and high
They will be all the more happy with no sigh
Love and unity will take you very far, it is fine
In life’s journey to be happy like stars that shine
Never separate the offspring from your care
If you want to see them grow happy, healthy and fair
Having performed duties with all their heart
We know for sure some day they will depart
Love them forever, the debt you can never repay
Otherwise you will regret and be grieving each passing day

Rupa Banduwardena The Moon

The Moon  

Yesterday, the magical moon didn’t show up on my skies!
I longed and yearned to get a glimpse of her
May be the angry clouds hid her away or she was too shy!
Man’s attraction with the moon amazes me
From childhood he fancies holding her in his hands
He tries to capture running after her like crazy
This launched the rockets and satellites to the moon!
Yet, the moon is so brilliantly shy
And man will never conquer her!
Little does he knows the moon controls the times and seasons!
This is also true of you my love; my moon!
I can never hold you in my hands!
Heaven and earth is the gap between us!
Yet, I am dreaming with the innocence of a child
To kiss the moon is a dream come true!

- Timothy A Edward