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In the Fifth at Malory Towers

First Prize

Enid Blyton is a famous author who expressed her talent in writing through the many books she wrote. Among those many books, her Malory Towers series is very popular among girls. The fifth book in the series is titled In the Fifth at Malory Towers. The main character in this book is Darrell Rivers who possesses many good qualities and can lead her form as head girl in a clever and amusing way. Her friends in school are Alicia, Irene, Belinda, Mavis and Gwendoline. This term a few new girls are to join them in their studies. Maureen, for instance, is one of the new girls to join the fifth form with them. Moira and Catherine are the two girls from the former fifth form who have been left down with Darrell and her friends.

This year the fifth form is to produce the Christmas play. After many ifs and buts the final suggestion was made on what play to produce. It’s none other than the famous fairytale Cinderella. Darrell is to write the dialogue and Irene, Belinda and Mavis help in their own way to produce a play of good standard. Girls who were interested to participate in the play were assigned a character and told to bring the character to life. But what about Cinderella? Will there be a girl good enough to bring Cinderella to life? Will the play end in failure or will it be a success? Join Darrell and her friends to find out what it’s like to have a big responsibility on their shoulders.

Ravini Umeda Perera,

Grade 9,

Ashoka College, Horana.