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Her colours

She walks gracefully.
She smiles perfectly.
She speaks to the public and says that she has colours.
Black - Like the confidence of all women.
She wears black coats and expensive long frocks to show her power and prestige.
White - Like the beauty of white roses blooming in the light, with dew on petals. And like how sunlight falls and illuminates the beauty.
Beige - Like the colour of the sandy beach, and the feathers of rare birds. She is rare.
Gold - Like royalty and money. Like ancient treasures and like how Cleopatra lived bathing gold around her.
Red - Like the love and attraction towards a beautiful person.
Like the colour of her lips, to show her high perfectness.
She stands like she has everything.
But she is like a cactus with thorns.
A cactus with the colours black, white, beige, gold and red.
(Meaning = the cactus symbolizes her character. Although she seems strong like a cactus, once you cut it, there is water inside. So, she is a person who can be easily broken down.)

Dianna Subasinghe,
Grade 11,
Leeds International School,